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Property Management.....

Property management is one of the services we offer.  We act as the bridge between the property owners and their tenants.  We facilitate relationships and maintain the communication link between the two parties.

Service is our priority.  Whether we are managing or leasing your shopping centers, office buildings, industry buildings or apartment complexes, our role is to handle the daily operations.  We design an owner/tenant agreement that suits your style of ownership.  Either we assume the total responsibility for management, or assist the owner.  Our services include: locating and qualifying tenants, maintaining the interior and exterior of the properties, facilitating repairs, managing accounts receivable and payable, collecting rents, working with attorneys on the eviction of tenants, generating monthly reports on incomes and expenses, and administering owner/tenant communication programs.

We are familiar with and implement Fair Housing principles to avoid any perception of illegal discrimination.

Retention of existing tenants, aggressive marketing and challenging vendors to provide superior services at competitive rates are major keys to improving the bottom line.

Most importantly we will perform the "Property Check Up Examination" annually for the property we are managing.  This process will help owner to know the property performance and let owner to understand what adjustments need to take place to increase the property value.

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