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We provide leasing services for property owners.  We lease offices, industrial and retail spaces.  This service can be tailored to your specific needs and may be of a short or long term basis.

We will develop a property profile that serves as valuable marketing tools.  This information provides us with the details we need to market your property aggressively.  It is important to price your space according to location, amenities, and as compared to other local alike properties.

How to set up the rent rate for subject space is very critical, this is the most important step and it will deicide the out come of the leasing assignment. Basically, the said rent rate should be able to reflect the owner's investment return and compare the market rent rate at the same time. We calculate the owner's investment return first, next we compare the number with current trade area rent rate, then we adjust the rent rate up or down accordantly.

Here is the formula to calculate the owner's investment return on the rent rate;

PV      Owner's initial money investment
I         Owner's investment return rate
N        Owner's holding period
FV       Future value
Pmt     Owner's rent rate



           i                       pv

          0                       pmt
          1                       pmt
          n                       pmt   

When we have a leasing contract, we will use CCIM Network, AIR Network, Re/Max Network, RIOCA Network to inform cooperating brokers and prepare mail flyers to any prospective tenants, and also upload datas to various Internet Web sites.

Once we obtain a potential lessee, we will pre-qualify and negotiate with him from all aspects, such as credit history, references from previous landlords, lease terms, TI expenses .... etc to protect owners' best interests.  And we will do the lease analysis for the owner, to calculate the actual effect rent rate for the owner.   Effect rent rate is what the owner will receive after deduct all the TI allowance, free rent and all other incentive which the owner may give to potential tenant during the negotiation of the lease agreement.  

After we finish prescreening all the necessary aspects, we will prepare an industry standard lease agreement to seal the deal.

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