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Why do we choose you instead of choosing other commercial real estate companies?

The services you are going to receive are provided by a CCIM (certified commercial investment member).  We have most advanced market information systems, no matter you plan to lease a warehouse space, an office space, or a retail space.  Or, you plan to purchase a warehouse, office building or shopping center, we can provide the latest market for lease or for sale information to accommodate your needs.

I have already had one broker help me to purchase and sell a couple of my residential properties, why do I need to hire you as my Exclusive Buyer/Tenant Agent?

This is a very good question.  You still need to hire an Commercial Broker to handle your commercial properties.  Basically, if a agent has a license issued by California Department of Real Estate, this agent can be a real estate agent for residential properties, commercial properties, vacant lands and business opportunities inside the State of California.  But the residential properties and commercial properties are totally different fields, they need different concepts , knowledge and skills.  Will you go to a dental office to check up your eyes?  Same here, you need a professional commercial broker to handle your commercial real estate transactions.

What is commercial property specialist?  How do I know?

It is very simple, just asking your broker what kind of commercial certificates she/he have.

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